Bring it, Grimes.

October 24, 2012 by Spectre of the Rose

Is Grimes intentionally voguing in the beginning of this video, or is she just “clearing the cobwebs”? Katzendame’s opinion is pulling taffy/clearing cobwebs, which is supported by Grimes having performed in near-complete darkness at her show on 10/15/12 at Doug Fir (so frustrating. I mean, you can tell that unicorns fly out of her eyeballs at every show, but one could not see this. One could barely see anything. Come ON, Grimes!!)

I think she’s voguing on purpose, with what we could call cobweb style. Girl got her hand on her hip & she WORKIN’ that playa! Also workin’ her pointer finger with some waack skills. K points out that maybe she hangs out at Canadian gay cubs; who knows? And kudos to L.A. rapper/exotic dancer Brooke Candy for the classic face-fanning and head-tossing.

Yes, this video is ridiculous and indulgent (superb song though), but as Katzendame so kindly put it, “Grimes is probably just trying to be inclusive.” (Haha! Always the diplomat.)

Grimes: Genesis (directed by Grimes)

-Spectre of the Rose

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