Thankful for Voguing

The kind trannies of Tranarchy have shared some delightful new tracks from their Vogue Brawl EP with the world today.  This free download of tracks by Cunt Traxx, AKA The Niallist, is highly recommended for anyone who may need some fierceness injected into their holiday.  We suggest that you listen to this music and practice your duck walk, dips and hair whipping in preparation for your next sojourn at the discotheque. You never know, after a couple of glasses of chardonnay, Great Aunt Imogene may join you in a battle on the living room floor.

Vogue Brawl EP on Soundcloud

By the way, not only are the Tranarchists charming us from across the pond with their antics, but we love everything about The Niallist, and we wish we had him here in Portland. Here is a new video for the track Serve, featuring images from the Vogue Brawl.

Another inspiring track is a remix of the theme from the How Do I Look documentary, from Chip Chop Ninja, of The Legendary House of Ninja.

voguing movie

All about Voguing

This is another good practice track because many different look suggestions are made that will help the dancer decide how they want to express themselves.  Legendary?  Sensual? Dramatic vogue? Bizarre? You decide. And remember; it doesn’t matter what you do, because everything looks good on you.

How Do I look Remix

One of the many beautiful things about ballroom culture is the tradition of chosen family. Unfortunately not everyone is accepted by the family that they are born into, and it is absolutely life saving that some can find their kin on the dance floor. Thank you to all the Legendary houses for teaching us about unconditional love!




Bubblin’ homewerk: Jerome LOL and Astronomar 11/23

For our undying Readers Dearest who have asked, the answer is, “yes.” Of course we’re going to the next Bubblin’ gig featuring Jerome LOL and Astronomar, plus homies/dj’s/producers Lincolnup and Ben Tactic. My foot has mostly healed from the bloodthirsty stilettos of Todd Edwards. There will be dancing and merriment.

Bubblin' flyer

Bubblin’ with Jerome LOL and Astromomar

I’m excited for this gig because I’m ready for sh*t to get weird. We’ve had mad European techno, disco/nu-disco, New York house and ballroom, a tinge of old-school acid house (bless you for this, Ben) and funky garage entertaining us this fall here, but we haven’t been totally freaked out in a while.

Astronomar (of Seattle) and Jerome LOL (of Los Angeles) are both freaking me out a bit already as I do my music homework, for I get really masculine (straight masculine) vibes from both of them. The former with violently hard bass-lines, and the latter with sexy slow-jams replete with bedroomy R&B vocal samples. I’m used to my dance music making me feel way queer-er than straighter. ‘Twill be so weird! Will we feel uncomfortable at venerably friendly Groove Suite? That would be a first. We’ll swallow (eww! gross!) the straight style to obtain the boundary-pushing that is Bubblin’s hallmark. I guess Astronomar is also kind of Moombahton-fresh (house / reggaeton fusion)…definitely looking forward that special brand of jam-kicking.

See you there. If we’re retreating like Baby in a corner out of fright, please be our Swayze and get us to dance. But not too dirty, please. Gross.

straight people dancing

this could be us

Vogue alert!: Diamond Rings

Kicking myself. I previewed a bunch of Diamond Rings live clips a few weeks ago and something about him freaked me out. (It was not the makeup; I LOVE the makeup.) So I didn’t go to his show last night at Doug Fir. And then I see this radness today. Yet another vogue alert! Clearly, I should’ve taken the risk. I could’ve just popped in right on my way home! What could be easier than going to Doug Fir on a Wednesday? I could’ve parked right across the street and just waltzed in to see this:

Katzendame and I can’t tell you how hard we’re digging this increasingly mandatory use of voguing in music videos. Personally, it makes me feel like I was born at exactly the right time. I don’t even know if I would trade the current vogue nation for 1920’s Paris. Debatable.