Todd Edwards + Bubblin’ on 11/10/12!

November 5, 2012 by Spectre of the Rose

Ok, people…the lineup for the next Bubblin’ gig at Groove Suite is just nuts. We’ve got Ben Tactic and Lincolnup together again for their personally orchestrated party with The Miracles Club dj’s and Mr. Todd Edwards, also known as “Todd the God”. Man, week after week lately, some of the best dance music we’ve ever heard has been right here in town. Needless to say, we’ve been completely delighted about this and can’t wait until Saturday; our Bubblin’ ninja-dj’s have been trying for two years to get Todd Edwards to lay it down in PDX.

I’m ashamed that the name Todd Edwards didn’t ring a bell with me (but not surprised; I’m no afficionado). After Lincolnup kindly emphasized Edwards’ importance in the fabric of dance music to me in person, I did some very easy homework. Todd Edwards is a legendary musician, dj and producer from New Jersey. He created a mixing/sampling sound that’s so subliminally familiar to us that it takes a minute to consider how groundbreaking and trendsetting the technique was at its inception, and how many interpretations it inspired. (Yet Todd Edwards’ own sound seems inimitable, and not at all dated, because it’s so tight, sophisticated and…heavenly. This beautiful remix of “Trophy Boy” has his signature all over it.) I’m not sure if there’s a specific term for Mr. Edwards’ style aside from his own name, but he’s considered a pioneer of UK garage. From Wikipedia:

Todd Edwards began his musical career around 1992…[and] continues to be an influence on others. In an article by Pitchfork in 2006, Edwards’ style was recognized as a base for another genre: “[Grime/dubstep] evolved out of the dominant UK garage scene, where saccharine-sweet vocal 2step would sit next to Todd Edwards 4/4.” …Edwards was influenced by house music and grew into the UK garage and 2-step garage scene. Todd Edwards developed a unique sound of vocal sampling in place of instrument sampling.

Todd the God also has a fantastic, soulful voice. Often his own vocals are shorter samples which he modulates into layers of the coolest sounds, but he also sings full-on threnodies such as this, which I’ve had on repeat for a while:

I mean?! He’s like an underground Justin Timberlake. (I really want a Sound Pellegrino jacket now, even more than Ryan Gosling’s scorpion jacket or Stuntman Mike’s Icy-Hot jacket.) Mr. Edwards also seems like the nicest guy; in his studio tour video he offers his tricks of the trade to all musicians.

Please check out my new favorite song and video – one of the positively house-rolling Edwards tracks that Lincolnup posted to Groove Suite’s event page – the track called, “No Place Like London.” Uh, yeeeah…marbles will be lost on Saturday. (So great to have something like this to look forward to after the election; here’s hoping this blue state will be dancing in celebration.) Don’t miss out!

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