Perfect Voguing: ‘Creature’ by Kim Ann Foxman

November 6, 2012 by Spectre of the Rose

Splendid. To add to our delightful week, Kim Ann Foxman just released a new EP called “Return It“, and I found this video while poking around for samples. Dying in so many different ways over it. Overwhelmed:

First of all, Kim Ann is killing me softly. How can she be so New York and so fabulous but so chill and understated at the same time?? Her sexy moan and casual-diva notes sound a vaguely familiar, but I can generate no particular reference, so take it away. Secondly – the dancing and voguing?! And the gorgeous b/w editing for emphAsis? Shut the door. So inspiring. Is the dancer in the hood getting into mutation at the end, or is that just a basic crip? I don’t mean to split hairs over genres, I just wanna know. On the other hand, I absolutely don’t give a care; it’s just amazing. Too much..breathtaking.


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