new New Order album – Lost Sirens

January 14, 2013 by Spectre of the Rose
Lost Sirens by New Order

New Order, not joking

New Order officially releases its “Lost Sirens” 2005-ish rarities collection on January 22nd. But you can stream the 8-track album (I mean eight tracks, not an 8-track) NOW at Some songs, such as Hellbent and the first one, I’ll Stay With You, will totally make you “cream,” as my friend Ned always used to say when Blue Monday came on. At the least, they’ll make your day.

Like any normal person, my identity is so entwined with the 80’s Manchester sound that I’ve seriously been debating whether to go to Rome, Berlin or Manchester for my next (and long-awaited) vacation abroad. I guess I should just watch 24-Hour Party People and some Sabbath videos at home, then head to Rome, yet Mancunian culture will still beckon.

New Order

New Order, chillin’

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