House Dancer

Underground culture is often times hard to document. Toes are stepped on, memories differ, and people are offended or forgotten. There is also the problem that dances, even the established and recognized forms like ballet, are notoriously hard to accurately archive.  The sooner people start writing, filming, and talking about their experiences and spreading the knowledge, the more likely we will be able safeguard our dance heritage for the generations to come.  This is especially true of a relatively new dance form like house dancing.

Byron Cox dancer

Byron Cox of

I was recently delighted to find a fantastic source for house dancing called It seems like they are located in New York, but they have videos from dance workshops and festivals all over the world.  Fortunately for us, they are chipping away at providing information about the history of house dance, sub-categories of the genre, and prominent innovators of the dance form.  I’m still confused about exactly what lofting, jacking, and stomping are but at least people are starting the process of defining these styles.  This post lists significant contributors to house dance, and an interesting comment by someone who as an originator of lofting, is offended that he is left out! I hope this type of dialogue doesn’t deter the writers because now I want to find out more about the offendee and his history!

Chicago The Warehouse

The Warehouse in Chicago – the birth place of house music

I don’t think there will ever be definitive answers regarding the history of house dancing, after all there are differing opinions on where the term house music comes from in the first place.  The Warehouse night club in Chicago?  Music that you would play at your house?  I kind of think it’s more likely the first one, but it just goes to show that sometimes there is more than one meaning and maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Another thing about club and street styles of dancing that makes them hard to codify is that by nature they are free style and have to do with personal spontaneous expression. I’ve never seen two waackers waack the same way, that’s for sure!

To find out more about the dancers and choreographers contributing to, check out their House Dance Project page. You can also see videos of dancing and interviews and find out more about their mission as ambassadors of house dance. I truly believe that much of the innovation and breakthroughs in dance come from the streets and the discotheques. Thanks guys for all your hard work and gorgeous dancing and sharing it all with the world!

The World Needs Giorgio Moroder

I saw the trailer for the new Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” shown at Coachella this past weekend and I know we are going to be dancing to the whole album all summer long. Here’s a link to the teaser:

Daft Punk teaser with Pharrell Williams!

Needing a bit of a cheering up today, I looked into it further and found this interview with The Legendary Giorgio Moroder, who is also a collaborator on the album! Mr. Moroder says this:

“What the world needs now is not only good songs, which I think are out… the world needs something new.”

Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder photo by Wofgang Moroder

I couldn’t agree more that the world needs good songs and something new! What is new about the upcoming Daft Punk album seems to me, to be a combination of all the latest technological advancements in recording, combined with good old fashioned actual musicians playing actual instruments. Fuck yeah!!! The best of both worlds, bring it on! We are ready to dance.

Here in Portland we are lucky enough to be able to see bands like Ancient Heat, a huge extravaganza of singers and musicians playing all live disco music. More of this, world! By the way, when we went to see Ancient Heat at Holocene, we met Giorgio Moroder’s #1 fan, featuring a Moroder t-shirt, a 1970’s mustache in the style of Mr. Moroder, and non-stop lectures on the importance of his disco legacy. Groove on, disco brother!

We saw Strength, another Portland disco band, open up for Hercules and Love Affair a couple of years ago, and how we danced. Don’t get me started on my deep love for Hercules and Love Affair; it is much too exciting and lengthy of a topic for me to handle right now. I will quote Spectre here and say “One of my great goals in life is to become less of a spaz.” Quick note; without Hercules and Love Affair would we now have Kim Ann Foxman?

Back to the Importance of Giorgio Moroder. His groundbreaking work with Donna Summer is recognized by all and still steams up many a dance floor. For all the details of his extraordinary career, might I suggest his wikipedia entry? In other current Moroder news, he recently uploaded unreleased edits and assorted rarities on soundcloud. Truly making the world a better place with his sublime music and proletarian sharing of fabulous grooves. Giorgio Moroder forever!

Donna Summer

We love you, Mr. Moroder.

Finally, on the topic of what the world needs, I have to quote another beloved Legend, Burt Bacharach, and say “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”