90 Days of Vogue

The Legendary Lady Sasa has committed to share her 90 days of voguing on Youtube! I will be going back to the beginning and watching them all, but I suggest you start with yesterday’s video:

What a beautiful dancer! Lady Sasa says that when she gets on the floor she starts out soft and cunt and then gets all dramatic. Ever since I first wrote about voguing, I’ve been wanting a better understanding of the different categories and vogue-cabulary. Thanks Lady Sasa for showing us these styles with your own particular interpretation!

I love when Lady Sasa is doing floor work and you hear “back in the day when we had a beef we took it out on the dance floor.” Can all battles take place on the dance floor, please? Spectre and I went to the two person elimination dance battle, Deep, at ADX a couple of weeks ago and we were too absolutely gobsmacked by the dancers to even write about it. If all kids were taught to dance it out from a young age we earthlings would be on our way to a peaceful future.

My favorite battlers were the dancers who had very unique styles. You could tell they knew how to pop and break dance etc., but that was layered with their own individual moves and it was captivating. We also saw some some young gals confront each other on the dance floor, not so much with technique but with their strong gestures and the power of their movements. This is where dance innovation comes from. When you see someone like Chocolate Milk dance, a local Portland street dancer who is also classically trained and just back from NYC, you will just about weep! Chocolate Milk was stunning and the only competitor at Deep who added vogue elements.

Back to Lady Sasa. Bring it, sister! I can’t wait for her offerings of fierceness to bring light into my life for 78 more days!

Viral Voguing Alert! Kayce Rice – age 10


Girl’s ready for a ball! Choreography by Arizona-born Tricia Miranda, clearly one of the most fabulous people alive, along with her childrens. Check out her bio and choreography reel at http://cleartalentgroup.com/client/tricia-miranda/.

Tricia Miranda

Hip hop / voguing choreographer Tricia Miranda


On a side note, it sucks that So You Think You Can Dance is so corporatized now, they somehow shut down all the fun old blogs about the show, and no one can post new clips of the numbers. I need to see the Sonya Tayeh routine to Bjork.

Bless Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman - work!

Kim Ann Foxman – 16th most stylish woman in NYC

I’m obsessed with her. Her voice, her mad steez, her face, her hair, her flyest of musical friends, and her deejaying. Listening to her house mixes is like taking a trip to NYC for a night. The piano solos, soaring diva vocals, Show-Me-Lovey “doot-doo-doo-doo-doot” riffs and synthesized clap of New York house are all present but never seem dated in this woman’s hands. Her beats are always addictive and smart – too smart, artsy and a little too rough to be gay disco pabulum. And to top it all off, there’s the bonus of hearing her sublime voice in many of the tracks. GOD, I LOVE HER.

The last time we saw her, she was the Love Affair portion of Hercules and Love Affair. Definitely among the top ten shows of my life. O, how the people danced! We were drenched in sweat that summer’s eve as we poured out of the Hawthorne Theater like liquid, slithering out of the exoskeletons of our former selves. We didn’t even have a single beer; we got to the show right on time and commenced dancing the moment Hercules dropped the beat and Kim Ann sang to us, “I can’t wait no more.”

Her “Return It” EP was my favorite of the winter. She surely dropped that & the new Miracles Club single on the crowd last month at Holocene…oui?? Who went? I was in Italy and Katzendame had a fainting spell. Please help me understand what went on that night (5/10/13). SF friends can see her next Saturday, 6/29/13 at Monarch! Then she’s off to Europe, so don’t sleep. RETURN IT!

Skyline Mix
Live mix @ Honeysoundsystem SF (This mix is a few years old but surely an excellent preview of what’s to come next week at Monarch.)

Rome clubbing diary to come.