Viral Voguing Alert! Kayce Rice – age 10

June 20, 2013 by Spectre of the Rose


Girl’s ready for a ball! Choreography by Arizona-born Tricia Miranda, clearly one of the most fabulous people alive, along with her childrens. Check out her bio and choreography reel at

Tricia Miranda

Hip hop / voguing choreographer Tricia Miranda


On a side note, it sucks that So You Think You Can Dance is so corporatized now, they somehow shut down all the fun old blogs about the show, and no one can post new clips of the numbers. I need to see the Sonya Tayeh routine to Bjork.

2 comments on “Viral Voguing Alert! Kayce Rice – age 10

  1. Archie on said:

    This kid is a sensation!

  2. Sara on said:

    Srsly! Can you imagine how she’ll push the envelope later?! So rad.

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