L-Vis 1990, in PDX tonite!

February 14, 2014 by Spectre of the Rose
L-Vis 1990

What’s up, Versace 1990? I want that shirt.

Wicked psyched to finally see UK (& now NYC) dj L-Vis 1990 tonight at the Rose Bar here in downtown Portland, OR. Valentine’s Day, fundraiser, full moon in Leo, the Bubblin’ dudes, and this edgy (read: hard) yet dancey London DJ doin’ his outrageous thing?! Anyone not going to this is a punter. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, but I do have dance class with 16 hooting and tap-dancing sexagenarians at 9AM. It’s not easy to dance all night and get up for that class afterwards. BUT ONE MUST.

I have no idea what to expect, really, because, to me, L-Vis has two totally different sounds – the hard, abstract & broken-glassy Night Slugs’ sound as L-Vis 1990, then this housey old Detroit sound as his alias, Dance System (I mean…DANCE SYSTEM? Yes he did.)

BUT, here’s a premoniton, from an interview with a lass from Opening Ceremony, from three days ago: “This year’s theme is Belgium, so I’ve been kinda emerging myself in New Beat, an amazing form of club music from Belgium in the late 80s. It’s like slowed-down acid house with an industrial EBM edge. I’m obsessed! The music for [the Opening Ceremony New York Fashion Week] show is heavily influenced by that era.” Indeed! Please hit us with that velvet glove, James.

Very Helpful links of Enlightenment:

His collaborative Night Slugs label, avec beaucoup des tracks and all manner of overwhelming hysteria; you won’t be able to keep up with all the mixes and radio shows and world tours.

The Dance Workout by L-Vis, an utter panic. I think this is designed a bit more for men, so work it, guys! time. to get busy. can we get some bass, please? thank you.

Our favorite dudes! Bubblin’ Valentine’s Day Edition! Ben Tactic & Lincolnup. And of course no Portlander is a stranger to the old-school bounce curation of working girl DJ Beyondadout.

Fashion side note: I might be way behind on this one, but ever since M.I.A. came out with her ridiculously hot Versace Versus graphic print collection (still has not gone on sale; UGH!), I’ve been obsessed with looking at 90’s Versace, Hermes and Gucci ripoff scarf print shirts on Etsy. And then today I just noticed the threads on L-Vis in this smoky photo shoot (above). Gimme a break! I can only take so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day, freaks!


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    I love the Dance System track and I must learn more about this Belgium in the late 80’s sound! Be wary of the retro Versace-ish style shirts because often they are just plain ugly.

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