riffin’ on Myths and Mariah & stuff

February 12, 2014 by Spectre of the Rose

I just re-discovered this great Grimes interview. This time, I noticed her mention of The Mutators, who morphed into Myths, whom I saw at Doug Fir last year (with my friend Cris, bless her), and who are fascinating, disturbing and inspiring metal-banshees.

And of course I love Grimes’ excitement over the Mariah Carey record, proclaiming that Mariah is her favorite artist with no irony whatsoever.

     Nardwuar vs. Grimes, 2012, Austin, TX

I also love that she loved The Dream show, at which there were only 100 people-?!

To my surprise, Grimes is still touring. I thought she had bailed on performing due to tinnitus, but I guess she’s still able to perform. Bonus! Does Grimes remind anyone else a lot of Kitaro? With the breathy flute synths. Kitaro, Tangerine Dream & all those New Age homies.


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  1. Bronislava on said:

    I love Toni Braxton. I love when she sings Unbreak My Heart.

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