Lawrence Rothman

February 12, 2014 by Spectre of the Rose

Dear Katzendame,

So excited for our outing to Doug Fir in April to see the beloved TRUST. Please elighten our Dear Readers about him. And now, who’s this guy? He’s playing on Tuesday night at Mississippi Studios.

“Los Angeles-based pop musician LAWRENCE ROTHMAN drew inspiration from the writings of Charles Bukowski and R&B, film scores and house music for his latest project. His latest sound is reminiscent of late ’80s pop music and Hercules and Love Affair. His deep baritone voice and haunting lyrics are interwoven into his most recent release, Montauk Fling.”

The cover of the Montauk Fling single on Soundcloud is rad. Wigs, leotards, jewels and bondage.

photo shoot

bring it, Liza!

The song is kind of Ry Cooder meets Diamond Rings. The mixing in other tracks has a bit of ColeCo goin’ on. I haven’t found the Hercules influence yet. Will keep searching for it.

Yours fondly,
Spectre of the Rose

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  1. He sounds very intriguing and his accessories in the picture are ravishing!

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