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“I can’t find anywhere online the price for tickets for Jessie Evans. I’m guessing that means it’s free. I’m going to ask Tim if I can borrow his car for that event. Let me know if you are able to escape or if you have to stay home and repent in a horsehair shirt. Rafael is DJing Friday night at Holocene and then Saturday night is Cock Block also at Holocene. Saturday night is also Bubblin’, not sure where that is. Probably at the Rose Bar. One of the DJs at Cock Block from Seattle specializes in electro swing. To be honest, I don’t really love that kind of music but I think I should, if you know what I mean. I think I would prefer Friday night at Holocene if I’m going to choose a night to go out. Let me know your thoughts on that. As soon as I get paid I’m going to buy a ticket for New Year’s Eve. Excited about Le1f!” -Katzendame

UPDATE: According the Portland Mercury, the Jessie Evans show on Sunday night is a mere $7!

SECOND UPDATE: This video is the reason for thinking that I should like electro swing. I love this dancer and he is calling his style “criming.”

Proletariat Review: Hunee at The Rose

Posting soundtrack: “Flammable” set by Seattle deep house dj Justin Collins.
Sparkler: Gruet Blanc de Noirs A

EVENT: Hunee (Berlin), Miracles Club (DJ set, PDX), Lincolnup and Spencer D (PDX crews)
Sneakers or heels night: HEELS!

Spectre of the Rose and Katzendame (collectively: “we,” the people) had another wildly successful night of dancing at this important disco evening with a killer lineup. The last few weeks have been full of amazing dance gigs and 10/12 was another milestone in a positively magical month. We were glad to arrive on time, to see Lincolnup’s set. We could/should have a separate lengthy post about our fandom of Lincolnup, Ben Tactic and their Bubblin’ productions, but we’ll just state here that we’ve been their fans for years. During Lincoln’s sets, we’re always primed for the intense, psychedelic moments he crafts, in which everything hangs over a precipice for a long while before gracefully returning to the house in prodigal dance fashion. To us, he’s already legendary.

After L^, we became complete novice reporters by not finding out if it was Spencer D or The Miracles Club dj (Rafael Fauria?) who spun next. Someone will have to enlighten us. This set made Spectre of the Rose lose a few marbles with vocal samples that moaned “H-H-H-H-H-HOUSE,” in a multitude of rhythms and screwed-up pitches. Then, “V-V-V-V-VOGUE-IT–WORK. VOGUE. VOGUE FEMME,” seemingly from the throats of giant Jersey queens on queludes, (as twisted artist French Fries so liberally torments). Jesus, that stuff just makes us go bananas. Anytime the commands “house,” “vogue,” or “work” are incorporated into a track with such expertise, it’s like you just got served a piece of fuckin’ Tyra Mail, and you’d better bring it. This set was seriously housey and got plenty nasty with some violent vogue-battle tracks – old to East Coast veterans but fairly new to us (although Katzendame regularly dolls up to Masters at Work before heading out). Sorry we’re not sure exactly who brought on that tempest – who is this man below?

bad-ass house set at The Rose by this Ecstasy dj

Ben or Lincoln can tell us, or dj Mercedes, also up in the house (and when you see her gettin’ her solid grooves on right up front, you KNOW you’re in the right place for house music. Oh, and btw, pics of all revelers are posted here…first time we’ve seen that website.)

And then it was Hunee – no mistaking the seriously old-school disco, our bread and butter. He must have crates upon crates of obscure records from the year 1979 alone. Not being of age to go to a club until the early 90’s, we DREAMT of boogie night like this as children / tweens. (although poor Spectre of the Rose only had a tiny, literal yurt of a disco nearby anyway, where Bigfoot allegedly lurked.) The bonuses of having Hunee as our real-life disco dj in 2012 are the twisted, sparse breaks that venture into dark, unfamiliar corners and make you feel like you’re strung out late-night, trying to get a hold of yourself in a bathroom stall for a while before coming back to the dance floor (check out this brand of illness that starts at minute 24 of this live mix,). We’re pros; we can take it and come right back for more.

Shout out to Cock Block at Groove Suite; we’re sure it was a proper party as well!

New friends:
Jess and Rachelle, parents of two, effortlessly dressed in a burgundy velvet suit and a black leather corset, celebrating their marriage – word up, you glamorous and romantic minxes.
Super-tall, fair British guy with the Johnny Ramone hair, totally getting it and gettin’ down; thank you for dancing with us, with realness!

Bonus item: A pack of cute young freaks making use of the generous space early on, unabashedly high as kites, dancing like they were on fire and asking us if we could celebrate “sparkles”. Hahaha! The girl in the superhero leotard had great rhythm. Work it out, y’all! Also, chattin’ with Krueger from Philly, who had just played Holocene the evening prior, with Ben Tactic. He extended his stay in PDX just ‘cause he likes it here. Full support from The Proletariat for sweet moves such as this.

-Spectre of the Rose, toujours avec Katzendame

Spectre of the Rose at a discotheque

Lieut. Spectre of the Rose reporting for duty