Feast of The Broken Heart

My black heart has been feasting on this magnificent offering from Hercules and Love Affair since the first track was released in the spring. All the beats and bells and singers that we have come to expect from  Andy Butler’s extravaganza of dance and more.

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The Feast of The Broken Heart

The whole album is wonderful from start to finish but one of stand outs is “I Try to Talk to You” featuring John Grant. Such a beautiful song and when I saw the video with the modern duet choreography I wept. Truly one of the best songs of the summer:

Here is the official playlist of the album on Youtube, although you will want to buy it so you can listen to it on every device in every room:

Feast of The Broken Heart playlist

There are so many good tracks but I would like to point a couple of more notables. The “Hercules Theme 2014”?!! Everyone should have a theme song. Such a good idea! The song “Liberty” is outstanding as well, another track featuring John Grant. Do not let him overshadow your enjoyment of Gustaph and Rouge Mary, though. They are totally fierce!

Thanks again, Andy Butler. You have made my summer better.

Factory Floor

Factory Floor was so GOTH! So great. I felt like I was in Manchester in the 80’s. The best part was the way the drummer interacted with the synth loops. (three members – synths, drums, bass) I didn’t realize that’s how they normally record and play their tracks – with a real-life rock drummer (HOT btw). First all the analog synth lines are kicked off, all really industrial sounds and different rhythms layered one after the other. Then the drummer starts off super minimalist, just one kick or a cowbell or hi-hat every eighth count, building suspense, then he adds more beats little by little, very mathematically, until he’s in full industrial disco rockout mode. The bassist comes in last and pushes everything over the edge into a sonic blast. That’s their formula for each track, just like an assembly line as their name suggests. Everything is super precise and really loud. Just amazing.

Factory Floor

There were a few young pups in there who were clearly on something, what I don’t know – really hyper-spaz dancing as if in a mosh pit, but just with each other, grabbing each other a lot, jumping up and down, wildly shaking heads and just generally freaking out. It was fun to watch. I can gather how, while on crank or whatever they were up to, the music would make them freak out that way. But any old sober waver in big boots at Lovecraft would put them to shame, interpreting a Factory Floor song into a solid groove.

L-Vis 1990, in PDX tonite!

L-Vis 1990

What’s up, Versace 1990? I want that shirt.

Wicked psyched to finally see UK (& now NYC) dj L-Vis 1990 tonight at the Rose Bar here in downtown Portland, OR. Valentine’s Day, fundraiser, full moon in Leo, the Bubblin’ dudes, and this edgy (read: hard) yet dancey London DJ doin’ his outrageous thing?! Anyone not going to this is a punter. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, but I do have dance class with 16 hooting and tap-dancing sexagenarians at 9AM. It’s not easy to dance all night and get up for that class afterwards. BUT ONE MUST.

I have no idea what to expect, really, because, to me, L-Vis has two totally different sounds – the hard, abstract & broken-glassy Night Slugs’ sound as L-Vis 1990, then this housey old Detroit sound as his alias, Dance System (I mean…DANCE SYSTEM? Yes he did.)

BUT, here’s a premoniton, from an interview with a lass from Opening Ceremony, from three days ago: “This year’s theme is Belgium, so I’ve been kinda emerging myself in New Beat, an amazing form of club music from Belgium in the late 80s. It’s like slowed-down acid house with an industrial EBM edge. I’m obsessed! The music for [the Opening Ceremony New York Fashion Week] show is heavily influenced by that era.” Indeed! Please hit us with that velvet glove, James.

Very Helpful links of Enlightenment:

His collaborative Night Slugs label, avec beaucoup des tracks and all manner of overwhelming hysteria; you won’t be able to keep up with all the mixes and radio shows and world tours.

The Dance Workout by L-Vis, an utter panic. I think this is designed a bit more for men, so work it, guys! time. to get busy. can we get some bass, please? thank you.

Our favorite dudes! Bubblin’ Valentine’s Day Edition! Ben Tactic & Lincolnup. And of course no Portlander is a stranger to the old-school bounce curation of working girl DJ Beyondadout.

Fashion side note: I might be way behind on this one, but ever since M.I.A. came out with her ridiculously hot Versace Versus graphic print collection (still has not gone on sale; UGH!), I’ve been obsessed with looking at 90’s Versace, Hermes and Gucci ripoff scarf print shirts on Etsy. And then today I just noticed the threads on L-Vis in this smoky photo shoot (above). Gimme a break! I can only take so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day, freaks!