riffin’ on Myths and Mariah & stuff

I just re-discovered this great Grimes interview. This time, I noticed her mention of The Mutators, who morphed into Myths, whom I saw at Doug Fir last year (with my friend Cris, bless her), and who are fascinating, disturbing and inspiring metal-banshees.

And of course I love Grimes’ excitement over the Mariah Carey record, proclaiming that Mariah is her favorite artist with no irony whatsoever.

     Nardwuar vs. Grimes, 2012, Austin, TX

I also love that she loved The Dream show, at which there were only 100 people-?!

To my surprise, Grimes is still touring. I thought she had bailed on performing due to tinnitus, but I guess she’s still able to perform. Bonus! Does Grimes remind anyone else a lot of Kitaro? With the breathy flute synths. Kitaro, Tangerine Dream & all those New Age homies.


Lawrence Rothman

Dear Katzendame,

So excited for our outing to Doug Fir in April to see the beloved TRUST. Please elighten our Dear Readers about him. And now, who’s this guy? He’s playing on Tuesday night at Mississippi Studios.

“Los Angeles-based pop musician LAWRENCE ROTHMAN drew inspiration from the writings of Charles Bukowski and R&B, film scores and house music for his latest project. His latest sound is reminiscent of late ’80s pop music and Hercules and Love Affair. His deep baritone voice and haunting lyrics are interwoven into his most recent release, Montauk Fling.”

The cover of the Montauk Fling single on Soundcloud is rad. Wigs, leotards, jewels and bondage.

photo shoot

bring it, Liza!

The song is kind of Ry Cooder meets Diamond Rings. The mixing in other tracks has a bit of ColeCo goin’ on. I haven’t found the Hercules influence yet. Will keep searching for it.

Yours fondly,
Spectre of the Rose

Sound Diskothek

Vice magazine recently interviewed the Legendary Christiane F. of Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo fame. I hadn’t thought about the movie in years but I was happy to know that Christiane F. is still alive and had some wise things to say about addiction and fame and Berlin in the 70’s and 80’s. I was also reminded of how much I loved the fashions and discotheques in the movie! Christiane borrows her mother’s high heels and takes them with her on the subway to Sound. She puts her sneakers in a locker when she arrives since she can’t be seen carrying around a plastic bag with shoes in it. Yes, please for lockers at the night club!

sound night club christiane f

Sound Diskotheck in Berlin

Sound club Christiane F

The entrance to Sound

There are some variations of Christiane’s main look in the film, but the basics are, jeans, socks with high heels, a disco varsity jacket, and a button down with a black vest. Fierce! Her best chum Kessie is seen several times in an asymmetrical striped shirt with pumps and jeans as well.

outfits from Christiane F

Waiting for the train post discotheque. This is also right after Christiane aids and abets in her first crime!

Sound also has a cinema where old black and white films are shown! The soundtrack was written and performed by David Bowie, so you can’t really tell what type of music they are dancing to on the main floor. I’m sure it was a lot of Bowie and T-Rex and the like. Another feature of the club is the ‘H’ room:

sound night club

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

All in all, I would love to go to Sound discotheque if I could go back in time to a night club in Berlin. And speaking of Berlin and T-Rex, Jessie Evans will be performing at the East End Sunday 12/15/13, tomorrow night! Ms. Evans is an American rocker, saxophone playing glitter doll, who currently lives in Berlin and we are lucky to have her here in Portland this weekend.

Jessie Evans

The new album from Jessie Evans!

I’m not very familiar with her new album yet, but this is one of my faves from Is It Fire?

Let Me On

And finally,I will let Jessie Evans speak for herself when describing a dream:

“In the dream I stepped out of this futuristic car as an old woman who was my chauffeur opened the door coming out the ceiling. In that moment it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to prom for the people but to celebrate T-rex’s album “The Slider”. It was like I was married to that album, and my dress, my desire to go, everything about it was simply to worship and celebrate the music.”