Egyptian Lover NYE 2013

Wondering what to do this New Year’s Eve? Look no further than this gorgeous dance party extravaganza at YU in SE Portland. Check out the details and buy tickets here:

Totally bitchin’ event page for Egyptian Lover

Spectre of The Rose and I both have an enduring interest in ancient Egypt, so you know we were absolutely thrilled to learn of this event. Plus, we like to dance and we love all Egyptian Lovers and Tutters and their ilk.

Most importantly, this event features the one and onlyp Legendary Egyptian Loverp himself!!!

Learn it.

Egyptian costume

Spectre of The Rose or Cleopatra?

In fact, Katzendame happened to be watching The Mystery of The Cocaine Mummy * about an Egyptian mummy that tested positive for cocaine and nicotine, when she heard about the event. Bitches were partying! We will not get into the historical ramifications and various theories up-ended by this startling discovery but suffice to say, we can look to the ancients on how to bring in a new year. We are not condoning the use of cocaine and nicotine, because they are bad. We do condone dancing, wearing a ton of makeup, Maryjane, Sazerac cocktails, wine, getting down and enjoying life.A

Egyptian Goddess Bastet

Bastet statue photo by Kotofeij K. Bajun

Are we hedonists? Perhaps a bit. We prefer to think of ourselves as Maenads, followers of Dioynisus. Katzendame also worships Bastet, the Egyptian cat god, but perhaps you guessed.

Back to wearing tons of makeup; Katzendame recently discovered when refreshing herself on the finer points of her chosen deity that the ancient Egyptians wore cosmetics as a sacred rite. Pharoahs, proletarians, men, and women alike, all wore cosmetics, especially eye makeup to emulate the eye of Horus. Black kohl was worn around their eyes in an almond shape and accompanied by green eyeshadow. To be beautiful was to be holy and their cosmetics held magical powers.w

Next up: Spectre of The Rose on the King Tut exhibit in Seattle and the fabulous dance style called Tutting.

And Steve Martin.  I hope that the Spectre writes about Steve Martin.


Bubblin’ homewerk: Jerome LOL and Astronomar 11/23

For our undying Readers Dearest who have asked, the answer is, “yes.” Of course we’re going to the next Bubblin’ gig featuring Jerome LOL and Astronomar, plus homies/dj’s/producers Lincolnup and Ben Tactic. My foot has mostly healed from the bloodthirsty stilettos of Todd Edwards. There will be dancing and merriment.

Bubblin' flyer

Bubblin’ with Jerome LOL and Astromomar

I’m excited for this gig because I’m ready for sh*t to get weird. We’ve had mad European techno, disco/nu-disco, New York house and ballroom, a tinge of old-school acid house (bless you for this, Ben) and funky garage entertaining us this fall here, but we haven’t been totally freaked out in a while.

Astronomar (of Seattle) and Jerome LOL (of Los Angeles) are both freaking me out a bit already as I do my music homework, for I get really masculine (straight masculine) vibes from both of them. The former with violently hard bass-lines, and the latter with sexy slow-jams replete with bedroomy R&B vocal samples. I’m used to my dance music making me feel way queer-er than straighter. ‘Twill be so weird! Will we feel uncomfortable at venerably friendly Groove Suite? That would be a first. We’ll swallow (eww! gross!) the straight style to obtain the boundary-pushing that is Bubblin’s hallmark. I guess Astronomar is also kind of Moombahton-fresh (house / reggaeton fusion)…definitely looking forward that special brand of jam-kicking.

See you there. If we’re retreating like Baby in a corner out of fright, please be our Swayze and get us to dance. But not too dirty, please. Gross.

straight people dancing

this could be us

Fresh: 4 Year Anniversary

Holocene, of the huge dance floor, hosts this special anniversary party featuring Claude Von Stroke of Dirtybird Records. The sound will be massive and the people will dance and make merry.

poster for Fresh party at Holocene

Who knows? You may be challenged to a dance battle.

We have high hopes that the people will be dancing and carrying on as in the video below. Except inside, and not in Russia, and with different music.

We wish to dance and drink vodka with these people.