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Spectre of the Rose and Katzendame have appropriated the term “legendary” from the ballroom scene.  Here we interpret it to mean people who we have admiration for as well as the obvious legends of music and dance.

We start with our ongoing interest in Joan Henrietta Collins. The picture below says it all

Joan Collins movie

Joan features a hot turban/towel look

Katzendame forces her friends to join her in watching the filmography of Joan Collins. Many times they almost retch in disgust, yet the fascination continues. In the 1979 movie The Bitch, Joan explores the character of Fontaine Khaled, discotheque owner and party animal. We can’t remember the name of her club, but it’s in London and there are some amazing choreographed disco scenes with sequined tube tops and bow ties. We tried to find more details and scenes from The Bitch on the internet, but surprisingly, there was little to be found.

Joan Collins in The Bitch

Right before Fontaine slips her gigolo friend a roofie

Acting in a movie that your sister wrote and wearing tons of makeup and lingerie with a fur coat is cool. Whether you like the work of the Collins sisters or not, you have to admit they have had lengthy and successful careers. We are also a bit fascinated with writers who churn out romance novels, or whatever you call Jackie’s genre.  We’re not sure who reads her books, but we do know she is a tycoon in her field.

One more thing about Joan; she was in a 1975 horror film called I Don’t Want to Be Born, The Devil Within Her in the U.S., and sometimes Sharon’s Baby.  Joan portrays the character of Lucy, who spurns the advances of Hercules the dwarf, at the strip club they both work at.  She later gives birth to a child who is cursed by the dwarf. It is an excellent movie that we highly recommend.

The Devil Within Her Joan Collins

A craptacular extravaganza!


Another legend is Lester Wilson, the choreographer for Saturday Night Fever.  Lester was an extremely talented dancer who attended Julliard and was later cast by the  legendary Bob Fosse, in the 1963 production of Pal Joey.  I am old enough to remember the Saturday Night Fever time of the 1970’s, although  I was too young and overprotected to see the film when it came out. My friends had the record and we would clear the living room floor and have dance parties!  Good times. This movie had a huge impact on the 70’s and was a catalyst for the overwhelming disco culture of that time.

Lester Wilson picture

The choreographer for Saturday Night Fever and his glorious hairdo.

John Travolta is a good dancer who did a splendid job of displaying macho swagger and athleticism, but the real credit goes to Mr. Wilson and his absolutely thrilling choreography!

Lester Wilson book

We would like a copy of this book

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