October 2, 2012 by discoP

Did we mention we like to dance?  We do, and we love all kinds of good dance music and wish to share our loves and obsessions with you, our dear reader. May we call you Reader Dearest? We like to pretend we are Joan and Christina Crawford as often as possible. (Katzendame recently asked her mother if she could call her Mommie Dearest, but the idea was not warmly received.) We know that you, Reader Dearest, will allow us this small pleasure, in a world made of steel, made of stone.

First, there was nothing but a slow, glowing dream…

scene from Flashdance

Marine Jahan in Flashdance

The Disco Proletarians are taking their passions and making them happen. May the whole world get down in peace!

[Disclaimer: The Disco Proletarians are not communists, nor do they wish to trivialize the hardships and torture which millions of people have suffered under totalitarian regimes. Our collective name references the ancient Roman meaning of proletariat, the working class.]

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