Javier Ninja, new father of the House of Ninja

Outrageous fierceness alert!

The hand performance is unbelievably thrilling, along with the gloves and the stage presence. Does it not give you the chills, and the satisfaction of being mortal at this precise moment just to witness it? We love the influence of waacking on this routine. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of mutation creeping in; to me it contradicts the elegance of the vogue – but there are plenty of other videos of Javier where this came from, and I’m sure his repertoire is as diverse as it is stunning.

Since Legendary Benny Ninja was shellshocked as a survivor in a terrible Metro-North train derailment, word has it that this Child may temporarily take over as the Father of the House of Ninja.

Javier Ninja, Legendary House of Ninja

The New School of Vogue

summoning Dashaun Evisu

Katzendame, I know I haven’t written about Steve Martin yet, but could you pleeease write about Dashaun Evisu Wesley? I get so overwhelmed by trying to summarize everything there is to know about the Legendary – superlative vogue femmes perhaps most of all.

vogue femme queen

The Legendary Dashaun Evisu

It’s kinda hard because you have to start with the Ninjas in the old school in order to explain Dashaun. And then there are the classes in Helsinki. And then there are the girls to tackle. Oh, gee, what’s this?

Only about 100 other battle videos to catch up on starring the Revlon family. It’s so hard to keep up. One thing I know for sure is that we HAVE to watch Stockholm Streetstar, which begins on Feb 28 and features ALL FORMS OF REALNESS. And another thing I can tell all dancers is that they must like the “Dashaun Wesley Fan Page” on Facebook, or check out his website.

impending realness