MikeQ and Azealia..coming soon

I’m rather bummed to take over the screen time of Katzendame’s most recent post about Baccara to briefly expose this dream come true. But here it is: Mike Q discussing his collaboration with Ms. Banks in the studio: Check it!

DJ Mike Q

Don’t make me get severe up in here: DJ MikeQ

The awesome article (comprised of interview questions and answers with DJ MikeQ) is most eloquent about the trendiness of vogueing/ballroom culture, which stems from the 1980’s and is currently ‘en vogue’ once more as a larger-label marketing gimmick. I almost don’t know how to feel about this. One one hand, I’m the target audience, for I never knew much about music in the East Coast underground ballroom scene, yet aware and ever so reverent of it, I’m all ears. On the other hand, DJ MikeQ is in my top 10, and I would never want him to be a commodity rather than an absolute legend. At the bottom of it all, I defer to Him, DJ MikeQ.

Three things are in my face: I love Azealia, I love DJ MikeQ even more, and they ’bout to get SEVERE.