Vogue alert!: Diamond Rings

Kicking myself. I previewed a bunch of Diamond Rings live clips a few weeks ago and something about him freaked me out. (It was not the makeup; I LOVE the makeup.) So I didn’t go to his show last night at Doug Fir. And then I see this radness today. Yet another vogue alert! Clearly, I should’ve taken the risk. I could’ve just popped in right on my way home! What could be easier than going to Doug Fir on a Wednesday? I could’ve parked right across the street and just waltzed in to see this:

Katzendame and I can’t tell you how hard we’re digging this increasingly mandatory use of voguing in music videos. Personally, it makes me feel like I was born at exactly the right time. I don’t even know if I would trade the current vogue nation for 1920’s Paris. Debatable.