Factory Floor

Factory Floor was so GOTH! So great. I felt like I was in Manchester in the 80’s. The best part was the way the drummer interacted with the synth loops. (three members – synths, drums, bass) I didn’t realize that’s how they normally record and play their tracks – with a real-life rock drummer (HOT btw). First all the analog synth lines are kicked off, all really industrial sounds and different rhythms layered one after the other. Then the drummer starts off super minimalist, just one kick or a cowbell or hi-hat every eighth count, building suspense, then he adds more beats little by little, very mathematically, until he’s in full industrial disco rockout mode. The bassist comes in last and pushes everything over the edge into a sonic blast. That’s their formula for each track, just like an assembly line as their name suggests. Everything is super precise and really loud. Just amazing.

Factory Floor

There were a few young pups in there who were clearly on something, what I don’t know – really hyper-spaz dancing as if in a mosh pit, but just with each other, grabbing each other a lot, jumping up and down, wildly shaking heads and just generally freaking out. It was fun to watch. I can gather how, while on crank or whatever they were up to, the music would make them freak out that way. But any old sober waver in big boots at Lovecraft would put them to shame, interpreting a Factory Floor song into a solid groove.

Flight at Groove Suite

First we met James “Jim” Collier at Groove Suite and we were in love. Then we met his boyfriend Chris Dematras and we fell in love again. We’ve been dying to hear Chris DJ as The Art of Hot, but for their first ventures into producing a dance party they decided to politely invite others onto the decks. We attended their first offering called “Flight” last week and we had a blast! Hugs all around, some of the best local dancers doing their thing and plenty of dance music. Jim and Chris appropriately donned captain’s hats for the occasion, while the poi dancer wore a fetching flight attendant hat.

Flight event at Groove Suite

Jim, Lexi, and Chris

  • Deep Slapper: These guys added in some jazzy stuff at the end of the set that we loved
  • Easy Company : Not for the namby pamby types! Just saying it had a bit of a harder edge, we like all dance music.
  • Team Sexy: Unfortunately, it was a school night for us, so we didn’t get to hear the last disc jockeys of the night.

It was a fabulous start at a beloved and beleaguered discotheque in downtown Portland. Enough people showed up to get the dance floor going and show their support. What will happen with Groove Suite? Why can’t they let the people dance and make merry in a spacious and convenient location? I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all want to be safe when partying and laws governing nightclubs are important. I also don’t know the details of the problems with the current location for Groove Suite. I do know that since I have been in Portland, it has continuously offered up some of the best parties and brought in the best DJ’s from around the world. At proletarian prices too! I also think one of the best things us Disco Proletarians can do right now is go to events at Groove Suite and show that we care and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this Portland treasure.

Back to the topic at hand. Jim goes to EVERY event in Portland, takes pictures and then posts them on his Pocho’s Cosas page on facebook.  Be sure to check there for pictures of Portlanders and out-of-towners dancing the night away! The next Flight event, Jetset, takes place April 11th, again at Groove Suite. Get your groove on before the groove is gone!

Lexi Galexy, poi dancer extraordinaire!

Spectre of the Rose here – I would just like to add this amusing text from the beginning of the night:

ramping up

Bubblin’ homewerk: Jerome LOL and Astronomar 11/23

For our undying Readers Dearest who have asked, the answer is, “yes.” Of course we’re going to the next Bubblin’ gig featuring Jerome LOL and Astronomar, plus homies/dj’s/producers Lincolnup and Ben Tactic. My foot has mostly healed from the bloodthirsty stilettos of Todd Edwards. There will be dancing and merriment.

Bubblin' flyer

Bubblin’ with Jerome LOL and Astromomar

I’m excited for this gig because I’m ready for sh*t to get weird. We’ve had mad European techno, disco/nu-disco, New York house and ballroom, a tinge of old-school acid house (bless you for this, Ben) and funky garage entertaining us this fall here, but we haven’t been totally freaked out in a while.

Astronomar (of Seattle) and Jerome LOL (of Los Angeles) are both freaking me out a bit already as I do my music homework, for I get really masculine (straight masculine) vibes from both of them. The former with violently hard bass-lines, and the latter with sexy slow-jams replete with bedroomy R&B vocal samples. I’m used to my dance music making me feel way queer-er than straighter. ‘Twill be so weird! Will we feel uncomfortable at venerably friendly Groove Suite? That would be a first. We’ll swallow (eww! gross!) the straight style to obtain the boundary-pushing that is Bubblin’s hallmark. I guess Astronomar is also kind of Moombahton-fresh (house / reggaeton fusion)…definitely looking forward that special brand of jam-kicking.

See you there. If we’re retreating like Baby in a corner out of fright, please be our Swayze and get us to dance. But not too dirty, please. Gross.

straight people dancing

this could be us