Feast of The Broken Heart

My black heart has been feasting on this magnificent offering from Hercules and Love Affair since the first track was released in the spring. All the beats and bells and singers that we have come to expect from  Andy Butler’s extravaganza of dance and more.

album Andy Butler

The Feast of The Broken Heart

The whole album is wonderful from start to finish but one of stand outs is “I Try to Talk to You” featuring John Grant. Such a beautiful song and when I saw the video with the modern duet choreography I wept. Truly one of the best songs of the summer:

Here is the official playlist of the album on Youtube, although you will want to buy it so you can listen to it on every device in every room:

Feast of The Broken Heart playlist

There are so many good tracks but I would like to point a couple of more notables. The “Hercules Theme 2014”?!! Everyone should have a theme song. Such a good idea! The song “Liberty” is outstanding as well, another track featuring John Grant. Do not let him overshadow your enjoyment of Gustaph and Rouge Mary, though. They are totally fierce!

Thanks again, Andy Butler. You have made my summer better.

Baccara: Sorry, We Are Ladies

The Legendary Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola first joined together in 1976, to form the singing and dancing duo Venus.  They met while both were performers with Spanish Television’s Ballet Company. Not meeting with much success as variety show dancers, they were taken under the wing of Dutch producer/composer Rolf Soja and renamed Baccara, a type of Black Rose.

Baccara album cover

Baccara’s first album Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Their songs are rip-offs of so many recognizable disco songs of the era, that it’s pointless to even start naming them. When I hear their music, I feel like I’m watching Love Boat, listening to Saturday Night Fever and Abba, while feathering my hair. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie is absolutely amusing, but also a bit perplexing. The beginning of the song is almost exactly like Don’t Leave Me This Way, made famous by Thelma Houston, and then they sing of worries about their social standing.

I wanna keep my reputation
I’m a sensation
You try me once, you’ll beg for more

Because he will want for more after one time, it may tarnish her reputation?  What if it wasn’t more than one time? I can’t imagine the trials of being a lady in 1970’s European discotheques, so I will not judge them for their confusing lyric. I do warn you, Reader Dearest, to not think too hard about what these ladies are singing about, because your brain may explode.  One of my favorites is the totally weird Sorry, I’m a Lady:

Sorry I’m a lady
sorry I’m a lady
I would rather be
rather be
just a little shady
just a little shady
naughty dynamite, dynamite
Sorry I’m a lady
sorry I’m a lady
have you got a light
got a light for me tonight.

What on earth are they talking about?  Why apologize for being a lady? And why, if you are sorry for being a lady, do you need a light?  Perhaps it’s Victorian of me, but does a lady really smoke in public? It took a few listens, but what I think they are trying to say is that  they are charmed by a witty Casanova and would succumb to his charms if they weren’t ladies. But what is naughty dynamite?

Baccara album

Naughty Dynamite!

The video is very beautiful and soft-lensy and again they are wearing black and white. I can’t tell the difference between the two, although that is definitely one of my goals, but they both look quite glamorous in their satin pantsuits.

Here is the video for Yes Sir, I can Boogie. Look out for the punching choreography during the chorus:

disco singers Baccara

Still being fabulous in Norway from 2012. Photo by Ernst Vikne

Vogue alert!: Diamond Rings

Kicking myself. I previewed a bunch of Diamond Rings live clips a few weeks ago and something about him freaked me out. (It was not the makeup; I LOVE the makeup.) So I didn’t go to his show last night at Doug Fir. And then I see this radness today. Yet another vogue alert! Clearly, I should’ve taken the risk. I could’ve just popped in right on my way home! What could be easier than going to Doug Fir on a Wednesday? I could’ve parked right across the street and just waltzed in to see this:

Katzendame and I can’t tell you how hard we’re digging this increasingly mandatory use of voguing in music videos. Personally, it makes me feel like I was born at exactly the right time. I don’t even know if I would trade the current vogue nation for 1920’s Paris. Debatable.