Zuzuka Poderosa

We first heard tell of Zuzuka Poderosa in the summer of 2012 and we were glad. We found a couple of videos on youtube that piqued our interest and made us want to dance. Then we found the Carioca Bass Mixtape by Kush Aurora and our lives were changed forever. Do you like Baile Funk? Do you like Brazilian music? Do you like dancehall and French Fries?  All of this and more in a mind-blowing assault of booty shaking grooves.

Carioca Bass Zuzuka Poderosa

You will dance

Thank you Zuzuka Poderosa and Kush Aurora!  We danced all summer and into the fall listening to the mix, much to the displeasure of house mates at 3am. (Not recommended.)

Times in which it is recommended to listen to this mix:

  • Taking a walk in the park
  • Cleaning the house
  • Preparing for the discotheque
  • Post discotheque (see above, should only be done in certain cases.)
  • Impromptu dance parties with fellow Maenads (always have your portable music device prepared.)

There are surely more instances when you should play this mix extremely loud and I will leave it to you, Reader Dearest, to recognize those times.

Another stellar contribution was made by Sonora Longoria with his digital album called
Sonora Remezcla: Zuzuka Poderosa. Again a free download! Not only music for The Proletariat but also a gateway mix for people who assume they don’t like Latin music styles. You probably do and you just don’t know it yet! Let Sonora and Zuzuka show you the way. There is so much good music to dance to from all over the world and we are fortunate to have these collectors of gettin’ down music to share it with us. Viva Sonora Longoria!

Sonora Longoria

Thriller Beats!

Poderosa means power and Ms. Poderosa intends to make “Interracial Music Babies!” Not for the faint of heart, this style of music is for people who are seriously prepared to dance. With roots in baile funk and global bass, this earth shattering dance music intends to cross all boundaries and create a new sound which Zuzuka is calling Carioca Bass. Born in Brazil and currently based in Brooklyn, there are many interviews and articles out there about Ms. Poderosa and her story. Here is a good recent interview. This post is about our discovery and love for some of the best dance music we have ever heard. It’s about time! On a final note, Spin magazine premiered the video for Seda in February. Feast your eyes upon it’s glory:

Seda Video

When Zuzuka Poderosa comes to Portland, we shall absolutely swoon with excitement! Many champagne cocktails rituals shall be initiated upon that great day.

Barry Manilow, 1978

I tend to forget that the height of the disco era was also that of the singer/songwriter. (Ok, that’s not true. Just trying to figure out how to fit Barry Manilow in here, although ALL of Barry’s ensembles would be more than fit for the disco.) Sinatra knew and said in the 70’s that Barry would be “next.” I’ll give you one of the best Manilow clips I’ve found, after watching about a hundred this week in preparation for his mini-tour. It was 1978 at the Greek Theater in L.A., outdoors, during a hot summer. Barry played there for two weeks; one evening was televised by the young HBO, setting the stage for everyone else, from Springsteen to Madonna. Check this:

In 1978,there were only three networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC. HBO was new on the scene and wanted to rock the boat…and asked Barry Manilow to do the rocking. It was their first big music special, and they gambled on Barry. With a two-hour Manilow concert at The Greek Theater, HBO rocked. Everyone watched. And we mean everyone. So many that the networks felt a dip in their ratings and the first hint of what cable TV would do to their viewership.

God, I feel my blood flow too, Barry. The whole last verse and chorus with your classic key change completely sends me over the edge. Practically holding my breath to see you in person. When will this strong yearning end? December 6, 2012, that’s when. See you in San Jose, my darling.

-Spectre of the Rose