The Dance

November 12, 2012 by discoP

Some of the most exciting innovations in dance have come from the night clubs and streets. Waacking, voguing,  and breakdancing are just a few exciting dance forms as well as their many sub categories that come to mind.  Earlier in the 20th century, as people started to break away from the prevalent couples dancing of the 19th century, dances like the Charleston and later the Lindy-hop became popular at places like the Savoy Ballroom in NYC.  Jazz baby! These dances are now taught in schools and dance studios around the world, but they started in the clubs.

Charleston jazz dancer

A daring flapper doing the Charleston

The proletarians wish to recognize the talent and beauty of dancers that we see out at the clubs.  Bring it on, bitches!

Josephine Baker dancing

One of the first people to show American dancing abroad – Josephine Baker

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