October 17, 2012 by Katzendame

Many of us first learned about voguing from the 1990 documentary Paris is Burning directed by Jennie Livingston. We were delighted to find it streaming on netflix this past winter and immediately watched it three more times. If you haven’t seen it, you now have no excuse and you should watch it as soon as possible. With the premiere of the film, voguing was introduced to the world and it is still an enduring style with new subgenres regularly emerging on the ballroom floor.

Paris is Burning poster

The legendary Paris is Burning Documentary

This fabulous dance style is part of the ball culture, which is an important and fascinating study in of itself, although here at disco proletariat, we will mainly focus on the dancing. An excellent resource if you are interested in ball culture is Underground Culture of Balls by Aaron Enigma. This informative site breaks down the different categories, houses, styles and jargon, as well as tracing the history all the way back to the Harlem Renaissance. What is banjy? What is soft and cunt? Find out here.

Paris is Burning still


The chart of the different houses on this page is very thorough and detailed. Sadly, most of the links go to expired domain names, which makes me question what is wrong with our society. Why aren’t these houses online?. Can we have documentation and archives for all the legendary houses and children instead of reality tv?

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